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Our Location

9769 Fall Creek Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46256

We have recently moved! Come see our new location...

We are conveniently located in Geist Crossing next to Kroger off of the intersection at 79th and Fall Creek Road. That's just two minutes west from Sunnyside Road, six minutes east from I-465N (east side), and five minutes south from 96th St.

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What Will I Learn?

 It is our goal to help you reach a greater level of physical and mental well being through the practice of martial arts. Our primary means of training is Taekwondo. Taekwondo is a modern martial art formed in the early 20th century evolving from about 1400 years of Korean martial arts. Taekwondo is the most widely practiced martial art in the western world.

Taekwondo: A strong foundation is the key!

Not all Taekwondo is the same.

Some newer styles of Taekwondo rely so much on kicking skills that they neglect two equally useful tools (the hands).

¨We add a strong emphasis on hand and body movement utilizing boxing techniques right from the beginning of your training.

¨We also supplement our classes with core techniques from Judo (throws), Weeping style Jujitsu (joint locks), and Brazilian Jujitsu (ground fighting).

¨We incorporate weapons training into our program with escrima sticks as our foundational weapon with the opportunity to progress into the sword, bo-staff, nun-chucku and other traditional martial arts weapons.

Many martial artists may tell you that their martial art is superior to others. Try to ignore such remarks. You will find that many systems offer practical self-defense and exciting training provided that you stick with your style of practice long enough to become proficient. There is no easy 3 step process or ultimate martial art despite what people may try to sell you.  What will serve you best in personal defense is core techniques that are simple enough to perform under an adrenalized state and a system and atmoshpere that is engaging and interesting enough for you to keep you regularly in training.