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Our Location

9769 Fall Creek Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46256

We have recently moved! Come see our new location...

We are conveniently located in Geist Crossing next to Kroger off of the intersection at 79th and Fall Creek Road. That's just two minutes west from Sunnyside Road, six minutes east from I-465N (east side), and five minutes south from 96th St.

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New Students

New Students

Thank you for your interest in our school.  We hope to be a valuable asset to your family in the years to come.  We realize that people have individual needs (especially kids) and we can help with those needs best as you communicate them to us.

We offer two free trial classes for anyone interested in any of our programs.  Please check our schedule for a convenient class time and contact us to let us know that we will have a guest. 

Below is a description of our programs

 Kids classes                                            IMG_5771.jpg.jpg

   Our primary system of teaching is Taekwondo which has proven itself throughout the world as an excellent tool for teaching kids focus, and self-discipline while giving them a fun exercise outlet and teaching them very practical skills for self-defense.  We utilize a nationally recognized program through Taekwondo America that incorporates a very structured belt and striping system to help kids set and achieve short and long term goals.  This is instrumental in moving kids from discipline into self-discipline.  Kids also have the opportunity to branch out into local, regional, and national competitions to further their experience and motivation to excel.  We also offer a systematic and fun approach to the teaching of traditional martial arts weapons without any additional costs.  Weapons training is excellent in the development of fine motor control and in teaching kids self-control.  We also utilize weapons training to help kids grasp concepts of strategy and timing.

Adult Martial Arts                      IMG_6171.jpg.jpg

  Many adults from teenage to retirement are realizing the benefits of martial arts training for physical conditioning, stress relief, self-defense, and building camaraderie with other adults and families in a courteous environment.  Martial arts shoulc always be precticed in an atmosphere of mutual respect and courtesy and it is our hope to provide this atmosphere for you to progress in.  Adults follow a similar curriculum to the kids to help families practicing together, however adult classes have a greater emphasis on keeping fit and application in personal defense beyond what is typically desirable in teaching children.  Adults may attend adult only classes or family classes with their kids.

Tiny Tigers                                            1IMG_5842.jpg.jpg

  Kids at the preschool age (3 and 4 years) need a special pace and mode of practice to flourish in.  Curriculum is borken into smaller "bite sized" amounts of information with a lot of play based practice along the way.  Kids this age can still make great strides in their coordination and focus but generally need a specialized environment to do so.  Classes are a bit shorter with more stripes and belts built into their program to keep the short term goals always in front of them.

Fitness Kickboxing and Defensive Fighting          IMG_6006.jpg.jpg

  Want to learn how to kick and punch and some other cool martial arts moves without the more traditional stuff?  Want to get some regular practice on simple and effective self-defense techniques?  Want to get a great workout while having some fun?  Try this out and see.  This class is available as a stand alone class for teens and adults or is a free add on for our adult martial arts students.  Check it out and see what you think Fitness Fighting